Gilmore Day – Biscotti


I really wanted to make a Gilmore Girls themed dessert and I made a tiramisu a few weeks ago and thought I would make another one and dust the baking cocoa to spell out Gilmore on top of it. However, I haven’t had time to 3D print/draw a stencil or to go buy the ingredients that are needed to tiramisu.

So, then I started wondering what else I could do that would be a great Gilmore Girls themed dessert. Biscotti! Better yet cappuccino biscotti!! Then I remembered that they brought back biscotti from Europe and I knew this needed to be made.

I found this recipe for some cappuccino biscotti and set out to make it happen. I made some minor changes and added a bit more instant coffee, a little more cinnamon (unintentionally…because I misread the measurement), and of course a bit more chocolate.

I hit a snag when the mixture wasn’t combining properly and was way too sticky. I kept adding flour to try to help it combine but it wasn’t working, I was about to call it quits and just make cookies but my mom came to the rescue. She told me to move the mixture into a bigger bowl, then she added a shit ton of flour (so it ended up being almost four cups of flour instead of the two cups the recipe called for), and then she combined it with her lovely hands. It was a miracle! The mixture combined and it went into the oven!

biscotti 3

When I took it out of the oven I was a little nervous because it looked like it was a little too bready but there’s no turning back so I let them sit for ten minutes, cut them up, and back to the oven they went!

biscotti 2

They got nicely browned and sat out to cool for a bit before I tried one. It was hard to resist trying on straight out of the oven, but I did it!

Final verdict? They’re pretty great! The mix of walnuts and milk chocolate is really yummy, and the cinnamon was a great touch especially for the fall season. You can’t really taste the coffee in them but I wasn’t really expecting them to be too coffee-flavored anyway. They’re a little bit denser than I would’ve liked but as long as they’re tasty everything is okay! I’ll mark this as a success!

What dessert food makes you think of Gilmore Girls?

Here’s a pin for the recipe!


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