Gilmore Day – Drinking Game

Let's Drink

I was beginning to run out of ideas for posts that I felt like writing for Gilmore Day, and took to Twitter to see if anyone could come up with some ideas for me. One of my friends (can I call you a friend, who knows anymore) gave me some suggestions, one of which was to create a drinking game for when you watch Gilmore Girls.

*Do not attempt to participate in these if you are underage/can’t handle your alcohol. Also, please do not do every one of these because you will probably die…that goes without saying I hope. Also x2, maybe just use this as a way to drink more water because that would be safer.

Time to Drink

One Sip : When Lorelai or Rory take a sip of coffee.

When it looks like there is no liquid in the coffee cup that they are holding.

When Paris Geller starts to raise her voice.

When Michel mentions his dogs.

When Michel and Suki begin to argue.

When Rory is reading a book.

Whenever Harvard is mentioned.

When Rory is studying.

Two Sips : When Jess bothers Dean.

When Dean does something romantic.

When Luke says that Lorelai and Rory should stop drinking coffee.

When Luke looks at Lorelai with love.

When the Life and Death Brigade mention jumping off of something.

When Richard is making drinks.

When Emily mentions her disappointment about Lorelai’s past/future.

Whenever the troubadour sings.

One Shot : When Luke pushes Jess into a lake.

When Lorelai and Rory make up a new phrase/word.

When Paris and Doyle break up.

When Dean makes Rory a car.

Whenever a baby is born.

Thanks to David for the post suggestion!


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