Gilmore Day – Rory’s Influence


So yes Logan seems to have possibly influenced my major, but Rory had an even greater impact on who I am.

She is a searcher and a learner. I wanted to imitate her to the best of my abilities. I wanted to become the girl that knew an endless amount of information and I wanted to be the one that read as much as she possibly could. It wasn’t even to the extent of simply imitating her, I wanted to be someone that Rory would be proud of. I don’t think I’ve yet to become a person that Rory Gilmore would be proud of but I’ve been trying my hardest.


I’m not a great studier. I would not make Rory proud. If she saw the way I studied she would be disappointed. Okay, I need to let myself off the hook. I’m not that horrible. I take pretty good notes in class and I have been neatly recopying my notes in another notebook after class to reiterate points and better remember the information. Which really helps, I’m remembering lectures far better than I used to because of this method.

However, I’m not a consistent studier. I usually start studying for an exam 1-2 days before exam time. I don’t ever really review nightly/daily even though I know I should. I think this definitely goes back not having a desire to learn anymore. I always say I’m going to try and do it next year or next semester…however I can’t really say that anymore since next semester is my last semester. (Yikes!) Here’s hoping I maybe do this next semester? Like actually review every night…it would really help my German at least.

I also feel like Rory studies content unrelated to what she is studying in school. Like when she studies up on Mitchum Huntzberger because she’s going to be working with him for a semester. I love that. I hope that I will get that spark for something soon and that I will become extremely passionate about a topic one day.


This is where I kind of shine…I think…I hope. I was that girl in high school that brought two books to school because she knew she would finish the first one before first period ended. Everyone knew me as the girl who was reading. It didn’t matter what I was reading I just wanted to read something. Everything. I was reading novels and nonfiction. I was loving everything about the written word. I was channeling my inner Rory and I was loving it.

Then it stopped because of college. I will never understand how Rory read for pleasure while she was in college. She is a saint. She is the master. She is the baddest bitch of them all.

I would’ve made Rory proud when I was in high school but not so much anymore. I hope that (next semester maybe?) one day I will have the energy to begin reading for pleasure again. I really miss it.

Is there a Gilmore Girls character that influenced?

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