Gilmore Day – Mother Daughter Relationships


There is something extremely special about the bond that Lorelai and Rory have with each other. There’s an episode, in one of the earlier seasons, where Lorelai says something along the lines of “…we’re best friends first and mother and daughter second…” and that really sums it up perfectly. The two of them don’t truly have a mother daughter relationship its far more of a friends relationship, and I’m extremely jealous of it.

Me and my mom

I sometimes attempt to emulate their relationship through my relationship with my mother but it is never the same. I can joke around with my mom and poke fun at her and she’ll poke fun at me but that’s really the only place where we mirror Lorelai’s and Rory’s relationship. Sure, we go out shopping together and I will now and again point out hot men on t.v. or in real life and my mom will get flustered or comment back to me that they are very good looking but it’s never about deeper subjects or thougths.

I’ve been in situations where I thought that I could tell her a piece of information and she’d be a good sport about it but it usually backfires…I don’t know why I keep trying. I told her that I drank with my meal the other day and she had a stern talking to me about drinking and driving…even though I told her it wasn’t a strong drink and we waited for a while after driving. It wasn’t enough for her and she had to give me a lecture. I told her when I jumped off of a cliff because I thought that she would be proud of me for stepping out of my comfort zone but nope she just gave me another lecture. After I had sex for the first time I came to her because I wanted to get birth control and she yelled at me and gave me a lecture about getting pregnant…even though we were totally safe.

This relationship is a lie

My mom and I have a true mother daughter relationship and not a best friends first relationship. I can better compare our relationship to that of Lorelai’s and Emily’s because they are mother daughter first and then friends later. Emily would lecture Lorelai about pieces of her life rather then listening or sympathizing.

This type of friends first mother daughter second type of relationship can not really exist can it? There’s no way that this great of a relationship can happen in real life. It is far too good to be true. Always having a guaranteed best friend around who really wants to take care of you…wow…impossible.

How does your relationship with your mother compare to that of Lorelai’s and Rory’s/Emily’s?

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