Gilmore Day – Real Life Stars Hollow

stars hollow

The place that we dream of, the place we want to call home, the place we want to run off to, the place we crave. Oh Stars Hollow. If only you could be real. Sadly a real life Stars Hollow can never be.

It would be impossible to have a place so small where everyone knew each other and actually cared about each other. Sure, there are small towns all around the world that might have similar traits to that of Stars Hollow; however, there is no way that a storybook place like Stars Hollow could be a 100% real.


I’d love to say that people are always good, but that statement is just a dream. It would be terribly difficult to find a place where everyone was sincerely nice to one another. I live in the south and that whole notion of being nice to someone’s face and then talking about them behind their back is 100% real and it makes having a real Stars Hollow so much harder.


Everything is so far away from pretty much everything else. There are too many subdivisions and outskirts of towns. The distance it too great. You can’t have that much distant if you want to live in the perfect storybook Stars Hollow.


Technology is a big part of all of our lives and we are looking at our phones more than we are looking at people. Don’t shake your head no, you’re probably reading this blog in a public place right now so you don’t have to look at the people around you (but before you close out of it don’t forget to give it a little like..?). Could Stars Hollow really exist in a time that is so concerned about what’s going on in their virtual life? I don’t think so.

Do you think there could be a real life Stars Hollow today?

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