Gilmore Day – My Favorite Season


I can’t believe that the revival is just a few days away. I keep thinking that it is still at least a week or two away, but then I realized that it is actually here this Friday. Wow. I’m so freaking excited and also sad because that means my Gilmore Days are numbered. However, I will be writing a blog a day until the end of the month, even though originally I was only going to post every day until the revival. I’ve just been having so much fun so I wanted to keep it going…even with exams breathing down my neck…and because I got persuaded to keep going.

Let’s get down to business. I know you are all here to see which season I hold the closest to my heart. Can you guess? *drum roll* My favorite season is the first season.


Atmosphere : The atmosphere of the first season is unlike anything else. The shots show everything beautifully. The scenes are cluttered and overrun, which is what really draws me in. I don’t know what it is but I desire clutter. When I make a house in the Sims I always try and put as much crap as I can without hindering the sim’s ability to walk around the house. The way that the first season of Gilmore Girls is cluttered perfectly and because of this the show gives me a warm and homey feel. I always feel like I am visiting a friend after school when I turn on the first season. It is familiar. It is comfortable. It is perfect. There is great innocence in this season. I could rewatch the Pilot a hundred times in a row and still want to watch it again.

Characters : The characters are so perfectly introduced it feels as if you are returning to an old book that you left on the dining room table a week ago and you’re finally ready to see what happens next. The characters are already so dynamic and colorful. They breath so much life into the first season. They make me feel comfortable and at ease whenever I decide to start watching season one again. It really feels like one big, dysfunctional family that you want to be a part of. You can really tell that Amy put a great deal of thought when creating all of the characters because they are all interesting and consistently growing and evolving on screen (and probably more so off screen for some).

Story : There is also a perfect glimpse into every single part of Lorelai’s and Rory’s lives. You see their school life, their home life, their family life, their social life, and everything else that you would like to look into. This really drew me in because there were shows at the time, I think 7th Heaven, that weren’t very dynamic? I could be completely wrong please let me know! However, all I can remember of 7th Heaven are the rooms in the house, the driveway, and I think their school at some point? When I look at Gilmore Girls I think of their house, the inn, Luke’s Diner, Miss Patty’s, school, the grandparent’s house, and more. The show gave you a little bit of every place that the girls would go and I love that so much.

What is your favorite season of Gilmore Girls?

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