Gilmore Day – Let Them Eat Pie


So it is the day of giving thanks tomorrow and I know you are all hard at work watching your significant other getting all the food prepared while you drink a glass of wine. It is hard work to watch someone else do work. While you watch them sweat over the turkey take some time to read about me attempting to make a pie. Let’s see if I can channel my inner Suki and make a badass pie.

I am using a pie crust recipe that I found from a mommy YouTube Channel, WhatsUpMoms, and I’m creating a peach pie filling because the Friendsgiving host requested it!

Here I go!


This is very intimidating because I have never made a pie crust…let alone a real pie. It is going to be a very interesting experience. I had to make a change even before starting the recipe and had to exchange a food processor for a stand mixer. I have been assured that it shouldn’t make that big of a difference so I went with the mixer. This was so simple. It mixed really well except for the fact that the dough started getting stuck in the mixer’s beaters so I had to finish mixing it by hand but other than that it looked great and combined beautifully.

After mixing it, I followed the recipe and let it sit in the fridge for an hour, which was really hard to do because I’m on a tight schedule to make this pie but I waited. Rather impatiently. I don’t know if I didn’t wait enough or if the dough itself was just too soft but it would not budge after I rolled it out. The dough kept breaking and and I was getting really frustrated. Thankfully my mom came to the rescue again (she’s the best)! She squished it all together, rolled it out again, we got it into the pie pan, and put the peach filling in. We had to patch it up a bit but we did it! Into the 375 degree oven for an hour!


Can we talk about how magical baking is? I was getting worried that the sauce wasn’t thickening and I kept stirring it while hoping it was thicken and wow it was so magical. I blinked and it was beautifully thick and ready for the next step! How awesome is cooking!? So freaking awesome! My peaches were frozen because peaches are way way out of season right now and the filling is looking pretty good! It looks like a real peach pie filling! I made sure not to go over measurements on anything, except for the cinnamon I added a little extra cinnamon. My mom tried a peach before I put it in the oven and she said it was nice and sweet!

The end result

Since I’m bringing the pie to Friendsgiving tomorrow I can’t really tell you how it all turned out with the flavor and such but it looks good so at least we’ll have a cute looking pie! I hope Suki is proud of me!

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  1. […] really good at cutting the turkey but we got it somehow and it tasted really awesome. We had the peach pie that I made yesterday and everyone said it was really nice. They were so sweet I wanted to cry because it made me so […]


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