Gilmore Day – Happy Friendsgiving


This is it. Tomorrow is the day. The babies are back. I’m going to cry. Even though I’m nervous about the show and how high my expectations are, I enjoyed a very beautiful Friendsgiving today and since there are some adorable Thanksgiving episodes in Gilmore Girls I wanted this to be my final pre-revival post.

Since none of us really have any family here, we pretty are our own family especially since we’ve known each other for such a long time, we decided to have a Friendsgiving! We got together the night before and had fondue because we like to pretend that we’re fancy people. We had some bubbly rose that made a bit of a mess but also made the night even better. We went to sleep earlier than any of us would probably like to admit because we want people to think we’re really cool.

Friendsgiving Day

We started out the day thinking we would go for a hike but we decided against it because it had rained a bit the night before and our destination would’ve been muddy. Instead we wasted a bit of time, had waffles for breakfast, and started getting the food cooking and cooking and cooking and baking and baking and baking. We made a green bean casserole, stuffing, sweet potatoes, gravy, and Brussels sprouts. My friend’s mom (we were at their house) was lovely and helped with the turkey and the lovely mashed potatoes. One of my beautiful friends brought a cheese, leek pie, which was honestly one of my favorite pieces of the meal.




We finished around 1-2 and got to eating! It was all so yummy. Food. Was. Awesome. We weren’t really good at cutting the turkey but we got it somehow and it tasted really awesome. We had the peach pie that I made yesterday and everyone said it was really nice. They were so sweet I wanted to cry because it made me so happy to see them enjoy something I made.

After all the food we took a small walk around the neighborhood. Today had the most perfect fall weather. After the nice walk we played some card games and then got ready to go. It was such a lovely Friendsgiving!



I wouldn’t have spent the day with anyone else. It was a chill day with some beautiful company and it was a great way to spent this strange holiday. The people that I have in my life are so great and I’d like to think that its my own little group of eccentric Stars Hollow residents. I wouldn’t know where I would be without them or who I would be without them. Thank you you adorable creatures.


Thanks to my adorable friend Sandra for letting me use these photos since I left my camera at her house and couldn’t get the photos that I took uploaded! She’s a perfect person!

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving today too!

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