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This is my 100th published post. That’s a crazy number. This is a crazy concept that I can barely grasp. I have reached this number at an uncertain point in my life and I don’t really know how to feel about it. I’m very happy about it but I’m also scared. I wonder how many […]

Top Ten Christmas Songs

I’m very strange when it comes to Christmas music because I’m not a really big fan of new adaptions of my favorite Christmas songs. I know that the songs I’ve listed are probably adaptions from older artists but they are the ones that I heard first, as far as I’m concerned, and they’ve become very […]

Christmas Cookie Balls

These are still considered cookies right? Well, I still consider them cookies. They’re very easy to make and they’re all no-bake cookies so they’re also very quick to make. My mom wrote these all down in Bosnian too, but they’re a lot easier to translate so I’m going to put the recipes below. Orange Balls […]

Christmas Cookie Time

I never realized how much I love baking cookies with my mom. Every year we bake the same cookies, sometimes adding one or two new ones, and we have the best time together. Since we make the cookies about a week or so before Christmas day it really puts us in the festive mood. We […]

Top Five Christmas Movies

Since Christmas is right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to do a few Christmas posts right before the beautiful day has arrived. I really like watching Christmas movies and I’ve really needed them this year to keep me happy and feeling festive. They are really doing a lot for me, so […]

Aerie Oh Aerie (Haul)

What am I going to do with you? (Do you remember this Aaron Carter song?) A new Aerie opened up in the city that I go to school in, which is the worst possible thing because I love shopping at Aerie. Me and my sister went to the shopping center with our parents a couple […]

Monday Reviews – Woody Allen : A Documentary

I’ve only watched one Woody Allen movie (Annie Hall)…please stop throwing things at me. I’ll start watching more I swear. Since I’ve only had the pleasure of watching one of his films, I thought the best way to start my journey into the world of Woody Allen would be by watching a documentary about the […]

Gilmore Day Prompts

I wanted to make a master post of all of the different blogs that I wrote last month in case anyone felt like they wanted to write a little something about Gilmore Girls and couldn’t come up with a post idea! I’ve got your back. Here are all 25 Gilmore Days in order. Thoughts leading […]

Cruelty-Free Makeup

I watched this lovely video by the amazing Hannah Witton a little while ago and I was really curious to see how much of my makeup was cruelty-free as well. I am going to be using the same website that Hannah used to check the brands that I have in my make-up collection. Here’s what […]

Monday Review – Iris Documentary

Documentaries? I use to be a big fan of watching documentaries. I would stumble upon really random ones on YouTube, that would somehow stay online without getting caught by the Youtube overlords. I’ve really wanted to start watching documentaries that I found interesting…but I didn’t really know what I wanted to watch. So, I went […]