Looking Forward to December


I don’t even want to get into how troublesome and tough November was. If you remember my looking forward to November post, then you might remember the things that I wanted to see or do for the month. I completed all of the things I was looking forward to, aside from the reading and the journaling. Don’t try to read during the final month of classes, you’ll get nowhere. I watched the Gilmore Girls revival, I had a lovely Friendsgiving, and I created a whole bunch of Gilmore Day posts.

A decent amount of other good things occurred this month but a lot more bad things happened too. However, I don’t really want to dwell on that and instead I would like to focus on the good things that I would like to see or do in the month of December.

Here’s what I’m looking forward to in the quiet month of December!
  1. My birthday. This is actually something that I wouldn’t say I’m necessarily looking forward to but more that I’m looking forward to it passing. I didn’t even realize that my birthday is coming up next week and I’m mildly panicking about the day itself, but I have nice plans for the weekend that I can look forward to. I’m looking forward to it not being as bad as I think it will be (here’s hoping).
  2. The end of the semester. Today actually marks the end of classes and all that is left for the next week is exams. I am looking forward to this semester being over and I’m ready to start planning for my last semester and that whole scary thing of what I’m going to be doing with my life.
  3. Christmas. Need I say more? This is my favorite holiday and winter is my favorite season. I’m so excited for the Christmas spirit in the air. I’m ready to relax and shop for the interesting people in my life. While it won’t be a real break because I will be working and doing some projects, I won’t have any school work to keep up with and for that I am grateful.
  4. Reading. Okay. I swear this time I will do it. I will read. I’m not going to say I’ll attempt to read a lot of books, so I’ll just say I’m going to try to read one. One book. I can do it!
  5. Content creating. I want to put out as much content as possible. I want to keep writing about anything that I find interesting and I hope you enjoy the content I will be creating. I’m also going to attempt to put out different forms of content. Hopefully, I can dedicate a good amount of my break to creating all sorts of different content for you guys.
What are you most excited about for this month?

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