Monday Review – Iris Documentary


I use to be a big fan of watching documentaries. I would stumble upon really random ones on YouTube, that would somehow stay online without getting caught by the Youtube overlords. I’ve really wanted to start watching documentaries that I found interesting…but I didn’t really know what I wanted to watch. So, I went to the place that everyone goes to when they want to watch something and chill. Netflix. (get it?).

Netflix knew I was coming and they had a great little drop down menu for documentaries and even sub genres just for me (okay not just for me but a girl can dream)! This is the place for me! So I started endlessly scrolling and scrolling. An hour went by and I hadn’t decided on anything. I had added about 10 or so to my watch list but there was nothing that was speaking to me right now.

I was getting frustrated and wanted to just get started on something. The Iris documentary art caught my eye and I remembered a YouTuber talking about how the documentary didn’t live up to what they thought it was going to be. Apparently that was enough to make me click play.

iris apfelWhat is it about?

The Iris Documentary is about a very interesting fashion icon, Iris, who is 93 (95 now) and a little bit about her life. While the documentary dips into her life as a fashion icon and her style, it focuses a bit more about her life with her husband Carl Apfel. The two of them were married for 67 beautiful years and the documentary gave a nice little glimpse into the wonderful love they shared and still had for one another after all those years. There are scenes that show the thrifty nature of Iris and also the beautiful, expensive collection she has curated during her lifetime. There is a section that focuses on her giving away clothing because her collection is getting too large and the items aren’t being enjoyed sitting in storage.

That’s just a little taste of the Iris documentary.

What did I think?

The length of the documentary was just enough to get you interested in Iris’s life and leave you wanting to learn more about her when it was over. I really loved that it wasn’t extremely perfect, in the sense that it wasn’t some crazy HD shot documentary that made you feel like you were watching something about a doctors office (too crisp and clean). Instead it was beautifully cluttered and made you feel like you weren’t watching from behind one-way glass but you were actually quietly stepping into Iris’s life.

Iris is beautiful. I think she feels comfortable in her skin. She knows what she wants and that’s what she’s going to do. She has a style all her own and wasn’t afraid to wear it. That was really inspiring because I feel that I hide behind trends instead of trying to embrace my style…or even trying to figure out what my style actually is.

I’m afraid to wear color and I feel that I want to blend into the crowd rather then stand out in any way. However, I love color (to a certain extent) and want to be remembered (maybe?). I want to be able to tell myself that I am proud to be who I am. This is one of the reasons I really enjoyed this documentary because it showed me that you can wear amazingly loud pieces and still be taken seriously. Confidence. That’s what I need.

I really didn’t mind the focus on Iris and Carl either. It is refreshing to see a couple that lasts through everything among the plethora of couples that are breaking up and divorcing left and right. They were lovely and I hope I find an individual that will love and care for me as much as each of them care for the other.

Overall, the documentary made me feel happy. I am ready to explore more and to attempt more in my life. I want to be just a fraction of the amazing businesswoman that Iris is.


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