Gilmore Day Prompts

gilmore girls

I wanted to make a master post of all of the different blogs that I wrote last month in case anyone felt like they wanted to write a little something about Gilmore Girls and couldn’t come up with a post idea! I’ve got your back. Here are all 25 Gilmore Days in order.

  1. Thoughts leading up to the revival
  2. Favorite place in Stars Hollow
  3. What Starbucks drinks would Lorelai and Rory order
  4. Rory’s reading list
  5. Top five favorite male characters
  6. Least favorite couple
  7. Why you love Gilmore Girls
  8. Your favorite local coffee shop
  9. Rory’s and Paris’s thoughts on the election
  10. A character influencing you in a big way
  11. Gilmore Girls dealing with break-ups
  12. Season seven thoughts
  13. Rory’s love interests
  14. Top five favorite female characters
  15. Least favorite male character
  16. Your favorite author
  17. Recipe dedicated to Gilmore Girls
  18. Drinking Games
  19. Rory’s influence on you
  20. Mother daughter relationships
  21. Can there be a real life Stars Hollow?
  22. Your favorite season of the show
  23. Bake something for Suki
  24. Holiday celebration
  25. Thoughts about the revival
Please send me a link if you write a post based on the prompts above or if you’ve been writing about Gilmore Girls! I’d love to read more Gilmore Girls posts!

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