Monday Reviews – Woody Allen : A Documentary


I’ve only watched one Woody Allen movie (Annie Hall)…please stop throwing things at me. I’ll start watching more I swear. Since I’ve only had the pleasure of watching one of his films, I thought the best way to start my journey into the world of Woody Allen would be by watching a documentary about the man’s life?!

What is it all about?

This is a 2-part documentary (or it’s at least a 2-parter on Netflix) about Woody Allen’s life and his method of film making. It delves into how Woody got his start in the entertainment world and what he is doing today (in 2012 at least because that is when the documentary came out).

The documentary has a plethora of interviews from actors/actresses who have worked with Woody, other directors, his sister, and many other people who I can’t remember right now. The documentary shows amazing archival footage of Woody Allen directing and being interviewed about the films he had created at certain points in his career.

This is just a little taste of the Woody Allen Documentary.

What did I think?

I really think watching this documentary first, before delving into the mountain of Woody Allen films, was a really good idea. I want to say that I feel like I understand who Woody Allen is but I really don’t. He’s a fascinating filmmaker, that much I know for sure. I can’t wrap my head around the idea that a company will just give him money and tell him to make something. How is that possible? How do they have so much faith in him? How does he have so much faith in himself? How is he good at writing jokes and also writing dramas? How can he write and direct so well? He’s crazy talented. I hate it (not really..but kind of).

I didn’t even realize that Woody started out in comedy and then moved into making more drama/romance films. That was really interesting to find out. I also wasn’t aware that he made as many movies as he did. How does one guy have so much talent? Even people who were interviewed in the documentary are in awe of how one person can be so talented.

When I tell people that I’ve been watching his documentary they always start by saying he’s a really creepy person, which is 100% true. He fell in love with his partner’s (Mia Farrow’s) adopted daughter and then he dumped her for the younger girl. I really didn’t like the way this ordeal was addressed in the documentary, it was just briefly mentioned and it didn’t really expand upon the incident instead everyone just said it was really hard for Woody.

This incident, among a few other things, makes it really hard for me to like Woody Allen as a person. However, I do really like him as a director, writer, and actor. For that I will begin the long trek through his many films and I am really excited about it.

Give this documentary a watch if you’re even just a bit interested in Woody Allen’s movie process and life.

What is your favorite Woody Allen film?

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