Aerie Oh Aerie (Haul)


What am I going to do with you? (Do you remember this Aaron Carter song?)

A new Aerie opened up in the city that I go to school in, which is the worst possible thing because I love shopping at Aerie. Me and my sister went to the shopping center with our parents a couple of weeks ago and we stopped into Aerie. I contained myself and didn’t go for any of the underwear deals, I was really proud of myself. My sister decided to do their underwear deal at the time, I think it was something like 7 pairs for $35? She picked up five pairs and since she couldn’t find two more that she really liked she let me pick out two. I went for some of the cute holiday ones (of course!).

Also, I did pick up a pair of their high waisted leggings because I have a friend who told me that they were probably the best leggings out there. I totally agree! They fit so well and I’ve been wearing them constantly.

A few days after we went shopping, I saw online that Aerie was having a 5 for $15 sale. I couldn’t help myself this time. I bought 5 adorable pairs of underwear and then waited for the beautiful pieces to come to my home.

I now have 5 perfect pairs of Christmas-y panties and really wanted to share them with you if you’d like to go and pick them up for yourself! I think they have a few deals going on right now so you should head over to the site fast! Always be on the look out for deals because Aerie will offer a lot of them throughout the year!

Here are the pairs that I got!

The Christmas-y ones

1. Green Lace 2. Red Flower 3. Snowflakes 4. Plaid 5. Green Flower Lace

The Others (not pictured)

1. Plum Lace 2. Blue Striped


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