Christmas Cookie Time


I never realized how much I love baking cookies with my mom. Every year we bake the same cookies, sometimes adding one or two new ones, and we have the best time together. Since we make the cookies about a week or so before Christmas day it really puts us in the festive mood. We listen to Christmas music or put on a Christmas movie in the background and get to work.

We usually make a mix of Bosnian cookies and random cookie recipes that my mom has written down over the years. I wish I could pick out one favorite cookie but I love all of them so much. Since we do make a good amount of cookies, here are the Bosnian cookies that we make and the other cookies will be in the following post. I’ll link to any better blogs that go more in-depth with the recipes. Some of the Bosnian recipes that I find might only be in Bosnian! Sorry!

I will not be posting the recipes I will just be explaining a bit about the cookies or why I love them so much. I do apologize for not putting the recipes but the measurements confuse me and so I do not think I would do it justice. Also, I do not have a lot of confidence in my abilities to be able to correctly translate the recipes I have in the best way possible for you.

So many cookies!



These beautiful crumbly cookies are not only one of my favorite ones to make but they are one of my favorite cookies to eat. I love the molds that we put the batter into so much, we’ve had them for as long as I can remember and they’re just so beautiful. My mom always says that the cookies get better the longer that they are in their cookie box and I wholeheartedly agree. They are best with a cold glass of milk and a festive Christmas movie. Šape are made with walnuts and actually each of these made with walnuts, who knew walnuts were such a big deal in Bosnia.



Stanglice and the kiflice underneath are very similar cookies, however the stanglice are put in the oven to harden while the kiflice are just left out to dry. Stanglice have this powdered sugar and egg whites topping added to them that gives them just a little extra sweetness. I didn’t like these a lot when I was younger but they’ve grown to be one of my favorite Christmas cookies (be warned I’m probably going to say that about every single cookie).



I couldn’t find a recipe online that was 100% similar to the one that my mom has so I’m going to link to an Instagram picture I posted earlier today that has the recipe, however it is in Bosnian so it might be a little difficult to understand which I apologize for. Kiflice are also made out of a good amount of walnuts, both chopped and ground walnuts. It is an extremely sweet cookie but having one or two with some coffee or after a very savory meal is the best! I also wasn’t a big fan of these when I was younger but as I’ve grown older I’ve definitely grown to love them.

What kind of cookies do you make for Christmas?

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