Top Ten Christmas Songs

christmas music

I’m very strange when it comes to Christmas music because I’m not a really big fan of new adaptions of my favorite Christmas songs. I know that the songs I’ve listed are probably adaptions from older artists but they are the ones that I heard first, as far as I’m concerned, and they’ve become very dear to me. It was pretty hard to pick only 10 Christmas songs but these are the ones that make me feel the happiest and most festive.

I hope you are having a nice and quiet Christmas Eve.

Linked below are videos to all of the songs on YouTube and also a Spotify playlist that I created for them!

Merry Christmas!

A new favorite

What is your favorite Christmas song?

One comment

  1. […] month of December and I loved every bit of it (even though it did get in the way of listening to Christmas music but all good Gambino I still love you). This album sang me to sleep, kept me company while […]


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