Monday Review – Evolution

I’ve been doing that whole take care of yourself thing lately. I’ve decided that I want to take myself out to watch movies as a part of this whole thing. It’s not a bad thing to go do things on your own and it’s something I used to do a lot a couple of years ago. I want to get back into being comfortable by myself.

To kick off this whole thing I decided to go visit the Belcourt theater, which was recently renovated in Nashville. I want to go into how the renovation looks and what I think about it but I might do that later, instead I want to get into the film that I watched, which was the French film Evolution by Lucile Hadzihalilovic.

What is it all about?

Evolution is set in a sea-side village that is only inhabited by woman and young boys. The film opens with 10-year old Nicolas finding a dead body of a boy in the water, which nobody believes. The film goes through his daily activities, one of which includes his mother giving him medicine because she claims that he is sick. All of the boys his age are sick.

Nicolas is then taken to the hospital that is quite a walk away from the village (why keep it so far away?) and left there without his mother. He questions why he needs to be there and why he is sick but no one ever answers him. There are other boys at the hospital and all of them have been given the same injection. What’s the reason for the injection? What happens to the boys? That’s for you to find out.

What did I think?

I’m pretty sure I held my breath during the entire film. There were parts that made me want to shut my eyes or turn away from the screen but I couldn’t look away. One part in particular was a video of a c-section, let’s just say that’s one thing I really do not want to experience.

I was really interested in seeing this film because the director, Lucile Hadžihalilović, was born to Bosnian parents and I always feel a pull to support anyone who has come from my home-country. I’m glad I went because the film was really peculiar and while it was petrifying it was also exhilarating.

I felt as if I know even less when the end credits started rolling than when the movie first started. I wondered how the boys and woman got to the village, if the woman were mermaids, if they kidnapped boys from other places, what it was that they were eating, how they were able to inject what they did into a boy, and many more things. Usually, I like to have a story completely wrapped up when a movie finishes but I was actually satisfied with the ending even though I had so many unanswered questions.

I don’t want to say what it was that was occurring at the hospital because I spoiled it for myself when I looked up the movie in Google and I don’t want to do that to you if you decide you want to go watch the film. If you don’t plan on watching it then feel free to read some of the critic’s reviews and you’re sure to figure out what is happening at the hospital.

I really liked the ambient music that played throughout the film, it really added to the eerie tone of it. There was amazing shots throughout Evolution as well. I’m far from an expert in the realm of videography, but I was really entranced by the film and really enjoyed the beautiful shots.

Overall, this was a film that left me speechless and it was the first foreign film I’ve seen in a theater! I’m really interested in venturing into peculiar films and so I’m very satisfied with this film.

Do you have a favorite foreign film?

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