What’s Wrong? Gilmore Girls Pilot

gilmore girls pilot

Hey did you know that I love Gilmore Girls? Did you also know that even though I really love the show I do find things that are wrong with it? Since I’m constantly rewatching the show I thought I would at least do something that’s worthwhile as I’m rewatching it. I really want to delve into the aspects of the show that I find wrong or that I don’t particularly like! I believe that it is important to see the bad, alongside the good, in something that you love. Let’s do it!

ep 1
  • Joey, Joey, Joey. Seriously? If a woman says that she’s meeting someone or doesn’t seem interested in having your babies than kindly move along. Does Lorelai really need to tell you about three times that it is time for you to leave the table? After which, you had the nerve to hit on her daughter even though she hadn’t left the diner and was standing right next to you. Even after Lorelai returned to the table to tell you that Rory is her daughter, your first response is to let them know that you have a buddy so you can totally go on a double date (can you tell that I’m rolling my eyes).
  • Rory stop stealing the Inn’s supplies for all to see! That’s something you’re supposed to do behind closed doors!!
  • Who puts on nail polish in class? That will never fully dry before your next class.
  • Mrs. Kim being an overbearing, health-conscious mother. This is a stereotype placed on many Asian-American characters in sitcoms. While I think it is kind of used in a good way here, because of the juxtaposition between Mrs. Kim’s and Lorelai’s parenting methods, it is a tad disappointing that no other traits were used to give more depth to Mrs. Kim’s character or to let her stray from the stereotypical role and experiment with different traits for her character.
  • I’m watching you. That statement in combination with that facial expression is the definition of creepy. Dean attempted to compliment Rory in the weirdest way possible by letting her know that not only has he been watching her but she’s also nice to look at. Is that really the best way to say a nice thing to a girl you might fancy? He really should’ve stuck with the whole I’ve noticed you around and maybe complimented her in a more subtle way or even just continued the discussion on literature.
  • Salads at the dinner table? Lorelai. Rory. Stop messing around. We all know you don’t eat anything green and leafy.

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