Jane Austen : Pride and Prejudice

jane austen

I’m in love and I want everyone to know it.

Elizabeth Bennett and Fitzwilliam Darcy have stolen my heart.

Pride and Prejudice novel

I think I read P&P for the first time in eighth or ninth grade and while I don’t think I understood it fully (still don’t think I understand it fully) I ended up falling in love with the novel. I read the novel again towards the end of high school because I felt like I had forgotten why I loved it so much. As I reread it I fell in love with it in a new and special way. Then last month I started wondering about the novel again and wanted to see just exactly what it was that made me love it so much. I don’t know if I figured it out, but I did feel so extremely happy reading the book and my heart did that clenching thing it does when you read (or see) something too beautiful or lovely to comprehend. I can’t explain the feelings that I have for this novel.

I feel that I can see myself in it because I feel that I am someone who judges too quickly based on someones first impression and I feel that I am like Elizabeth Bennett when she has such strong feelings of embarrassment when her family is pointed out. I understand this feeling so well because I get secondhand embarrassment from others even if they themselves aren’t feeling embarrassed whatsoever. It is something that I hope I can fix in the new year.

Pride and Prejudice mini-series

Even though I have been a fan of Pride and Prejudice for so long, I never thought to watch the mini-series that many lovers of this novel really enjoyed. I am one episode away from finishing the series and I fully understand why so many people really love the show. It is a splendid representation of the novel! While it does add some events and moves around some events, it really keeps the beautiful story that is found in Pride and Prejudice. Also, when Mr. Darcy jumps into the lake…while unnecessary it was totally great.

Pride and Prejudice film (2005)

I have to say that I really enjoy this adaption of the novel. While it does move around more pieces of the story than the mini series and Elizabeth isn’t as plain as she is described in the novel, I still really like this movie. I loved Mr. Darcy’s actor and I think that everyone had a great level of chemistry together. I also have sentimental feelings towards this film because I spent a summer watching Keira Knightley movies (I was pretty much in love with her) and I watched this adaption during that time and it really made me renew my love of Pride and Prejudice.

Jane Austen

Thank you so much Miss Jane Austen for bestowing us with the beautiful words that you have written. I wish that you could’ve had a lovely ending to your life similar to the one that you wrote in Pride and Prejudice. If only more of your letters had been left in tact so that we could know even more about your quiet yet fascinating life and mind.

I must apologize to you because I haven’t fallen in love with any of your other written works but I promise that I will attempt to read them again soon. I’m older now and I hope that I can appreciate your words more.

Do you have a favorite Jane Austen novel?

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