What’s Wrong? Lorelais’ First Day at Chilton

gilmore girls

These episode titles are going to get way out of hand aren’t they? Oh well! Here’s what I found bad or wrong about the second episode of Gilmore Girls.

ep 2
  • It’s 7:10! Rory you should never think that Lorelai’s awake when you need her to be. You know that you’re the one that can really, truly wake her up so never leave it up to her.
  • The clothes from the dry cleaner? This has been a thing that has bothered me from the first time I watched Gilmore Girls. Why couldn’t Lorelai borrow some clothes from Rory? Even long jeans and any other shirt would’ve worked so much better. Seriously Lorelai? Maybe a dress? I’m sure Rory had an appropriate dress that you could’ve worn. Lorelai I bet you had a dress in your closet that you could’ve worn. A dress with a cardigan? Anything would’ve been better than that outfit.
  • I’m pretty sure Rory could’ve gone into school alone for the first day and Lorelai could’ve met the headmaster that afternoon when she came to pick her up or the next morning. No?
  • The big guy was really harsh when talking to Rory about her aspirations. While, I totally understand why he made the point to tell her that her connections won’t help her in any way I think he was overly intimidating by telling her she will probably fail and instead should’ve been a bit more welcoming. Though I do wonder if his talk gave her the push to become the best student (spoiler?)?
  • Paris seriously? Just ask her what you want to know don’t sneak around looking through confidential papers.
  • The Chilton dad. Is it really a good idea to go to the workplace of the woman you met and talked to for about two minutes? It seems a bit pushy? Is it just me? I feel like it’s really too forward especially since it’s her place of work. Visitor plus employee plus flirting don’t mix.
  • I think it was a bit rude for Lorelai to storm into the hair salon while Emily was getting her hair done. I know that Emily was being pushy but she hadn’t had true contact with her daughter and granddaughter for many years so I feel like it was understandable for her to want to be super involved. Lorelai could’ve called her or waited to hash it out at the next Friday night dinner so that they didn’t have to have it out in such a public location.

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