2017 week two

Week two let’s go!

Back to work week. Thankfully my place of work opens at eight when school isn’t in session, so I didn’t have to wake up too early (thank you). However, my sleeping schedule is as bad as ever! Yay! Sleeping is my least favorite thing right now. It is getting really bad and I’m hoping that school this week will help me fix it. Work has been standard this week. I’ve finished more assignments that I’ve had to do over the break and I met my new supervisor.

I’m still working out! I’ve been running and doing Pilates every other day and I’ve been trying to fix my diet. I’m making sure to eat more fruits and vegetables. It hasn’t been too hard but I do notice that I’ll forget to eat more fruits if I don’t make more of an effort to plan eating fruit during the day.

I’ve finished another book! Don’t forget to check out my books page if you’re interested in what I’ve been reading! I’ve watched a few movies this week. I rewatched Bridget Jones’s Diary and watched a new (old) movie WarGames.

I’ve started looking into hotels in Chicago and am going to be booking one next month! So excited and terrified! Traveling alone is going to be a really big adventure.

Thursday was Christmas removal day from my bedroom and it was also go get your registration renewed for your car day. It was also period time day which was very annoying.

Friday I met up with a friend under the pretense of being productive and getting work done but we really just drank coffee, ate cake, and chatted about life. Who knew communication would be this great? We even planned a small day trip for next month! So there’s something good to look forward to in February.

Spent some time with my mom on Saturday which was something I really needed and today is a stay at home day, unless I decide to get out for a bit later tonight (because sometimes staying at home is good but too much time at home isn’t good). Didn’t end up going out so i’m about to have a little spa night for myself!

Had some extremely annoying emails from my adviser that say that I can’t graduate in May so I will be breaking down some doors to get it all taken care of as soon as classes start this week.

School starts on Tuesday (yikes) and I’m half looking forward to it and half terrified that its time to go back.

Also because I’m a clumsy idiot I hurt my foot yesterday and it hurts to walk. Can I pay someone to carry me around and do everything for me?

And that’s a wrap on week two.

See ya later

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