Monday Review – Lush Cup O’ Coffee


In December I got together with some of my friends for my birthday. We went to the Cheesecake Factory because many of us had never gone before and then we decided to spend some time walking around the mall that the restaurant is attached to. We went into Lush for a bit of a browse and I saw that they had the Cup O’ Coffee mask. I wanted to buy it but I had just bought a pretty pricey shirt so I decided that I didn’t need to treat myself anymore. I usually try not to spend money on myself very often because I usually don’t believe that I have the right to treat myself.

One of my friends took it upon himself to buy the mask for me behind my back and secretly gave it to my sister before we parted ways. She gave it to me when we got home and I was really overwhelmed with (undeserving) happiness. People are really nice. Thanks Nick you get the you’re awesome award. Now enough with the gushing over very nice people!

What do I think of it?

I’ve been using the mask for about a month now and I really like it! The mask smells like a great cup of coffee and while I can’t say that it really does wake me up after I use it, the mask does leave my skin feeling really soft.

I like that it is kind of like a two in one type of mask. You can rub it gently into your skin and the ground coffee will scrub your skin perfectly without being too rough. I have sensitive skin and sometimes I find that certain exfoliating scrubs are too harsh on my skin, but this one is gentle enough for me. I leave the mask on for ten minutes and then carefully wash it off with a wet towel. The mask never leaves my skin feeling dry and instead its nice and smooth. Sometimes after using a mask I feel a desperate need to lather my face in moisturizer but with this mask my skin doesn’t feel really drained of moisture and while I do put moisturizer on it doesn’t feel extremely necessary.

I’ll definitely be buying this mask for myself once I finish the beautiful container I have of it right now. It will last a while because a little bit of the mask really goes a long way. If you’re looking for a mask that will scrub your face clean and leave your skin nicely soft, go grab this one.

What is your favorite face mask?


  1. Omg how good does this smell?! Great post 😀 xx

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    1. It smells amazing! Thank you!!


  2. Lovely review ! This is one of my favorite Lush products. You’ve got such a lovely blog! I’d love if you could visit my blog and maybe even follow my blog. 🙂

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    1. Its probably one of my new faves too! Aww thank you I really appreciate that! Your blog is really nice, I’m definitely going to follow it 🙂


  3. I’m a huge fan of Lush’s Mask Of Magnaminty but I’ve only recently tried one of their fresh face masks. This one sounds delicious, and what a nice gesture. I wish my friends would do that for me haha. Definitely going to check this one out at some point. It’s a shame we can only wear one mask at a time, am I right haha?

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