Tunes : 2016 Spotify in Review


I don’t know what I’m saying when I talk about music. I don’t know what makes music good or bad especially since I’ll listen to Hilary Duff one day and then Frank Ocean the next day. It is all subjective anyway right? What’s good to one person won’t be good to another. I hate when I’m asked about my taste in music because it is all over the place so I can’t really explain it and I hate saying that I like everything (except country…that’s bad no arguing) because there’s so much music out there and I probably don’t actually like all of it.

So long intro aside, I want to get more into figuring out what I actually really like to listen to (aside from all the nostalgic tunes that I indulge in) and having a clear answer to someone when they ask me “what kind of music do you like”.

I thought I’d start this series with a flashback to the last year and what I listened to last year the most.

Apparently I listened to 698 artists, which is a really crazy number and it really seems like such a huge number but I’m not mad at it.

Top Artists
  • The Jungle Giants – YES! Speakerzoid made the beginning of last year easier to get through and I was actually surprised by the album. I hadn’t really listened to them too much in 2015 so I didn’t see that they had released a new album and when I started listening to it in 2016 I couldn’t stop.
  • Childish Gambino – I can’t even explain how much I love Donald Glover. He’s amazing at singing, acting, rapping, directing, writing, comedy, and he’s so freaking hot. I listened to Because the Internet and Kauai so much last year. If I wasn’t listening to something new or something that I loved from my childhood, I was probably listening to Childish Gambino. Then he dropped Awaken, My Love in December and I don’t think I listened to anything else but this album for the entire month. I love it so much I’m probably going to dedicate an entire Tunes post to it next week.
  • Frank Ocean – I’ve really never listened to Frank Ocean and wasn’t really thinking I would listen to his new album. I thought there was too much hype for it and honestly thought that he would probably disappoint since he was dragging out the release so much. Little did I know that I would spend all of October and November listening to Blonde nonstop. I fucking love the sound. I can’t even explain how much I ended up loving this album. Solo is probably my favorite song but I pretty much love every song in some way.
  • Nicki Minaj – I was really surprised to see Nicki in my top artists. However, I did spend a lot of time listening to The Pinkprint album while driving because I did a lot of driving late at night from my house to a destination about 2 hours away and I needed someone to keep me awake. Nicki was great at that.
Top Genres
  • Indie R&B – My favorite playlist, towards the end of last year, was the Alternative R&B playlist by Spotify. Its so good and now my discover playlist is pretty much an even better version of the playlist so I totally understand why this is one of my top genres.
  • Pop – Hilary Duff. Need I say more?
  • Pop Rock (?) This is an actual genre? Who would fit into this? Thoughts?
  • Dance Pop (?) Who fits in the category of dance pop? Carly Rae Jepsen? Cause I freaking love her.
  • Rap – I started listening to this Early 2000s Throwback playlist during November and I love it. It has songs that I’m really not into anymore like Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani but it does have Yeah! by Usher and that’s some good shit.
Here’s the horrible question: What kind of music do you like?

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