Wandering : A Trip to Bosnia in Kentucky

12.27.2016 (which is when we took the trip)


My parents, my sister, and I took a little day trip to this restaurant/grocery store in Kentucky that has beautiful Bosnian food. We always wish we could go here more often but the drive is almost 2 hours away from our house so its a bit of a long way to go just to eat and buy a few groceries. However, the food really is worth the drive and we’ve never been disappointed by what we order.


We always get cevapi when we go because they just make them so freaking amazingly. We buy frozen cevapi and grill them at home but its never as good as it is from a restaurant. Cevapi are served with sour cream, fresh chopped onions, and a lepinja (a flat bread). This is my second favorite Bosnian meal to eat! Pita is of course always number one.


I also had an espresso with some cream and an adorable shaving of chocolate on top. I’m not a huge fan of espresso but this cup just really hit the spot. Also, this mug is very adorable, not really practical but very adorable.


After we finished our perfect food, we walked back into the grocery store part of the beautiful establishment. There are great chocolates, cookies, cakes, teas, candies, meats, cheeses, soups, spreads, and many other items that remind many people of their home country.

If you’re ever in the area or driving by it, you should make a stop here for some good food and fun snacks to buy for the road. I’ve attached a google map to the restaurant down below because they do not have a website for me to link to!

Do you have a favorite local restaurant?



    1. They’re the best!


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