What’s Wrong? Kill Me Now

gilmore girls

In this edition of what I found wrong with this Gilmore Girls episode I don’t have a lot to say because I really did like this episode for the most part (except for the twin wedding…).

ep 3
  • Does the mom with the twins getting married have to be so mean to them? I don’t understand why there are characters that are created that have such contempt for their children. Is it true that parents hate their children? I really hope this type of character stops being written.
  • I understand why Lorelai didn’t want to get super involved in the Gilmore world but it really sucks that she tried to keep Rory separated from her Grandparents. She was young when she took Rory away from her parent’s home and didn’t allow them to see her grow up. While Rory grew into a pretty solid person (for the most part), could you imagine how nice it would’ve been for her to have contact with her grandparents and how happy they would’ve been.
  • Gossiping is bad. Everyone does it but its bad. Ladies just enjoy the steam…literally.
  • Stealing towels! Rory you’re a criminal!
  • Lorelai should really tell Rory how she felt about her enjoying the day of golf with her grandpa because arguing over petty things like boob size is not going to help the situation. Luckily she does address it later in the episode but it could’ve saved them from a stupid argument period.
  • Emily knows exactly what she’s doing with asking Lorelai if Rory told her about her day at the club and then leaving her alone in the living room while the rest of them go to check out the books that Richard found for Rory. She can’t want to have Lorelai back in their life and then also try to shut her out at the same time. Is it so that Lorelai gets a taste of her own medicine? Whatever the reason, it was petty and its obvious that Lorelai was hurt by it.

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