2017 week three

Excuse me?

Has the third week really already happened? Is it too early to say that this year is moving forward too fast? It really does feel like it…

I’ve finished my last first week of classes. Wow…! I’m terrified but so freaking excited. I don’t know what I plan to do after I do the whole graduating thing but I’m really okay with that because at least I know it’ll be something awesome. I’m excited to get this blog whipped into shape. I want to create a portfolio section, buy a domain, and get this whole thing ready for the real world. (Please be nice to me.)

My classes are interesting. There’s a lot of reading and academic writing to be done, which is different than my past couple semesters. I have to get back into the swing of academic writing and not blog writing. It’s one aspect of the semester that I am eager to conquer. I’m taking a media history class and I’m super excited about it! Sometimes I forget how much I like learning about the past. Plus, the class is about the history of media and that’s so fascinating especially since I’m majoring in this field. How far we’ve come is spectacular. I can’t wait to see where we’re going to go from here.

I’ve been working a bit too. I worked a longish shift on Friday and spent the majority of the shift running around getting work done. Those are my favorite days. I really don’t like sitting around working on personal stuff at work because I’m there to work so put me to work! If I have the ability to do it I will do it and I’ll be happy to do it because then I feel like I am positively contributing to my place of work.

The woman’s march was breathtaking. I almost cried every time I read or saw something pertaining to the marches. Women are amazing. I know that we can get through these next few years together. We won’t be silenced and I am ready to help where ever I am able to. Again, if I have the ability to do it then I will confidently do it.

I watched three horror movies over the weekend. One was great and the other two were just meh. I watched It Follows, Intruder, and Rezort. I can’t help it, I love bad horror movies. It Follows was the great one and I’ll probably write a review on it sometime soon!

I didn’t do a lot of the homework that I needed to over the weekend because I’m a stupid procrastinator but I do have all of Monday to do homework because my classes aren’t until Tuesday. However, I have been doing a bit of work today (Yay!) and have gotten all the reading done for one of my classes (it was a lot).

I’m still working out! I went out for a long walk with my mom today too! So, I’m keeping up with one of my resolutions, which was to go do something outside every two weeks!

This next week is a full week of classes and work. Let’s do it!

See ya later


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