What’s Wrong? The Deer Hunter


ep 4
  • Paris is such a little bitch. Sorry I had to say it! Why does she have to go after Rory? It’s bad enough that Rory is at a new school, has no friends, and isn’t doing too well in class. She doesn’t need a mean girl after her too. Why can’t Paris just be satisfied with her own academic life and refrain from belittling other students?
  • Why is it that Tristan needs to question if Rory has a boyfriend? Would that be the one factor that would stop him from picking on her? How does that work? It isn’t right to pick on someone for the plain fact that it’s mean and having a significant other shouldn’t be the factor that makes you stop picking on a person. Woman are not a boyfriend’s property who you shouldn’t mess with, they are people themselves who you need to refrain from picking on.
  • It’s surprising that Lorelai would bother Rory while she is studying when she’s the one that wants Rory to be a smart kid and do great things so she can resent her later for it. Why would she go through such exhausting lengths to keep Rory away from her studies. Also, how does she not see that Rory is facing a lot of pressure it’s pretty evident on her face and since Lorelai prides herself on her relationship with Rory you’d think she’d be able to notice that.
  • Those Chilton moms are mean. So what if Rory is a scholarship student or if her mom voted for fun things for the school! Why did they have to be so rude when Lorelai asked about coming to watch the AP test. I would’ve loved it if either of my parents were that interested in my school work.
  • Rory seriously!? How do you even think you have time to go over notes at a time like this? You either know the stuff or don’t by this point just drive to school!
  • The deer hitting this car? Really? Sure okay let that happen but why would you think it’s a good idea to get out of the car when you’re in a rush to go take a huge test.
  • Though I understand being under pressure it’s really not a good idea to have such a big blowout in class especially when you’re going to disrupt the rest of the students while they’re taking a test.
  • Suki it was so not cool to drop by the food critique’s home.

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