2017 week four

Thank you January for almost being done!

While I’m soooooo not looking forward to February I’m just ready to get the next few months finished so the faster everything goes the better.

My Week

This week started out on a high but I definitely hit a low around Thursday and it hasn’t gone up since then.

Monday was a full work day for me which wasn’t super bad but long shifts really drain my spirit. This isn’t even in relation to the work I’m doing it’s just the atmosphere of the building I’m in is very draining.

Tuesday was a full school day and I’m really enjoying my classes. It’s a lot of learning, which I’m actually excited by. I somehow managed to sign up for very history based classes and I really like that because when I first started college I wanted to major in history (or English) so I’m really enjoying many of my classes. I had to present on a big final project for my final major class and I’m super excited about it. Once it’s finished you’ll be seeing a lot of stuff about it on here so stay tuned because it is going to be freaking awesome. I wore really cute and very uncomfortable shoes on Tuesday and my feet still hurt from them haha it is great.

Wednesday was a no school/no work day and I just focused on getting homework done and getting blog stuff written. I’m really going to need to hustle with my blog writing and have content ready a week in advance because it is really hard to write a day or two before a blog needs to go live because I have to worry about school and work more now. Thursday was a pretty standard school day and Friday was a standard work day. I didn’t do anything Friday night except for play Sims and watch the newest season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia that’s on Netflix. Check out that show if you haven’t yet! Also, I got the unofficial official news that I will in fact be graduating in May (YAY!).

Saturday I went out to visit a friend who has recently moved downtown and we went to catch a movie. Movie review will be coming soon so I’m not going to say what it was! Watched another movie, I Dream too Much, today on Netflix and it was interesting. Did some reading for my classes on Tuesday and wrote up vocabulary note cards to study for German.

Working Out

Only went running once this week and did Pilates once this week. So, I haven’t been doing that great with the working out stuff and I’ve been eating really badly since about Thursday because I’ve been feeling a little low so I’ve been turning to food to comfort me. I think I’m just lonely but even if I’m with friends I can’t quite quench that loneliness. I’m hoping it passes soon. I know the cause and I don’t want to admit it.

Next Week

I’m hoping this week bring my mood up and I think I need to plan more things for myself to do so that I keep myself extra busy to keep my mind off of unsavory thoughts. I think I need to take myself out more so I’m going to look into things that I’d like to do in the area maybe for this week or more for next week.


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