Monday Review – The Chambermaid Lynn

I’d like to give a few warnings about The Chambermaid Lynn. This is a film that could be categorized as a more mature film, because of some of the acts that are portrayed in it. While I couldn’t find a rating for the film I do want to let you know that there are heavier themes, brief nudity, and sexual acts in it. Also, it is a German film so you will have to read subtitles if you decide to watch it.

Now that the warnings are out of the way let’s get into the movie!

What is it about?

This film begins with Lynn telling a story from her childhood to someone that is off-camera. Then you see Lynn traveling as if she is coming back from a trip. You later learn that Lynn has actually come back from checking herself into the hospital, which she freely tells people but keeps the reason behind it to herself. You quickly notice that she is a very efficient cleaner, which comes in handy since she is a hotel maid.

While cleaning one of the hotel room, she decides to hide under the bed and listen to whoever is inhabiting the room that night. One day, when she is hiding under a bed she listens in on the interaction between a guest and a dominatrix. After the interaction, Lynn sneaks out of the room but not before she has written down the number for the dominatrix. She hesitates to call her but decides to do it one day and the dominatrix visits her.

The film then follows their interactions, Lynn’s life, and her work at the hotel.

What did I think?

This film is actually really relaxing to watch. The pace is slow and soothing, which is really strange to say when the film deals with things that could be considered taboo(?) in certain places. I know that many acts dealing with sex are spoken about in hushed tones or not at all which is why I say that it is taboo. Though I wish life wasn’t like that.

Lynn was very interesting to watch and I really liked her clothing choices, I’ve definitely been inspired by her wardrobe a bit. She’s a very timid and shy person which added to the relaxing feel of the film. She is also a very curious individual which was very refreshing to watch.

Chiara was breathtakingly fierce. She seems very confident but soft. The contrast between her and the rest of the film was very apparent. The colors in the film were mostly soft/muted colors and instead she was in dark, moody, and sparkly colors.

There were some really peculiar aspects about the film but expanding on them would really ruin the movie. I really liked the last interaction between Lynn and her mother.

Overall, I really enjoyed this film. The Chambermaid Lynn (Das Zimmermädchen Lynn) was interestingly strange and I’m really glad I watched it. Sometimes the American movies you see push sex and these other themes in unattractive or ludicrous ways, so it was refreshing to see a foreign prospective. I’ve watched foreign films in the past but really haven’t been watching any recently so I will definitely be watching more foreign films soon!

Also, since I’m learning German it was really nice listening to everyone talk. I’ve tried listening to German music but it is so hard to pick up on any words when listening to it. Since this film was slow-paced, it was much easier to hear words that I know.

You can watch The Chambermaid Lynn on Netflix.


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