Done with One

Apparently January is over today?

I realized that I haven’t really written down my resolutions anywhere, which is really strange for me because I’m a firm believer of the “if you write it down you’re far more likely to accomplish it” motto. With that being said I wanted to take a bit of time to write out all of the resolutions that I’ve had in my mind and how I managed to fail/keep them during January.


How’d I Do?
  • Read more. I think I’ll try to stick to my previous resolution of two books a month. Guess what? I finished two books in the first two weeks and I’ve started a third!
  • Exercise more. I started off really strong with this resolution but I’ve definitely slowed down on how frequently I am exercising. However, I’m still doing it! Even though I’m not doing it as often, I’m doing far more than I did last year. So I’ll say this resolution was mildly successful.
  • Write more. I’ve printed out and written up a writing schedule for myself. I only missed 2 posts this month and I’d really call this a huge success for me!
  • 1 video a month. This resolution was a total success! You haven’t watched the video yet? What are you waiting for!?
  • Clean up the blog. I’ll freely admit that I failed this one though I’m not happy about it. I think my problem was that I didn’t write down exactly what I wanted to do, so I’ll be planning it out a lot more next month.
  • Go outside once every two weeks. Yes! Yes! Yes! I went out for a walk with my dad and then went out for a long walk with my mom at another park two weeks later!
  • Travel? I failed for this resolution but I’ve got two trips lined up for the next two months so I will not fail again!
  • Self-Care. I kind of failed at this one and kind of didn’t? I spent more time alone and relaxed by doing things that I like. However, I also attempted to add people to my alone time for no reason but me being a stupid-head and it really wasn’t that great for me. I’m definitely going to be doing more things on my own next month.
  • Get on a Schedule. Again a half success. I did well on getting content out but I failed at scheduling time to write. I worked out but I failed at sticking to the schedule I made for myself. I haven’t really been planning out things I need to get done every day and I’ll really get to work on a schedule more next month.
  • Social media free Sunday. HAHAHAHA. Once. I did this once.
How are your resolutions going?

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