Monthly Archives: February 2017

Monday Review – Paterson

What’s it about? Paterson, named after both the bus drive and the city of Paterson, New Jersey, is an interesting, slow-paced film which depicts one week out of a bus driver’s life. Not only is Paterson a bus driver but he is also a poet, though he downplays his abilities throughout the film. His wife, who doesn’t […]

2017 week eight

Eight is great. Not really. It was not great. Week eight was full of nervousness and a drifting mind that couldn’t stay on task. There were some good parts like watching movies with my mom, having a class outside, and my dad bringing lots of German chocolate back for us, but overall I am very […]

What’s Wrong? Love & Snow & War

What’s wrong with episode 8? The way that Rory treats Lane after she starts dating Dean is the worst thing a someone could do. She’s not being a real friend to Lane, let alone being her best friend. She’s not listening to her and she’s relating whatever topic Lane is trying to talk about back to […]

2017 week seven

This is going to be quite a short week in review because I was out all day today on a little day trip and I am ready to go to bed. I had a lot of school work to do this week and I’ve had a lot of projects that I’ve gotten started on. I […]

Apparently I Play The Sims

I’m not really interested in playing video games. I get more pleasure watching someone else play a great game then me personally playing that great game. However, there’s one exception to my distaste of video games and that is the blessing that is The Sims. Sims history I probably began playing Sims while I was […]

What’s Wrong? Kiss and Tell

What’s wrong with episode 7? Thank you! Rory, my girl, you needed to say more. Running away after poor Dean kisses you is harsh, he doesn’t know if you didn’t like the kiss, if you don’t like him, if you had to go to the restroom, or anything else that could be thought of after […]

Oh Peaches

Too Faced – Sweet Peach Palette I did a thing…a very bad thing but hey look I had a coupon so it needed to be done. (No it didn’t I’m just lying to myself.) This isn’t any type of review post, it’s just an appreciation post to how pretty the Sweet Peach Palette is. I have […]

Tunes: Dodie and Tessa

These two lovely ladies and their lovely voices are all I need in life right now. They make you so happy while you’re listening to their songs because you can feel that sincere happiness that they feel while they are singing. I find myself interested in their video content even though they aren’t making some […]

Monday Review – Hamilton Soundtrack

I was lent the Hamilton Soundtrack and told that I should listen to it or else (okay that’s not true but it makes for a far more interesting introduction). It really took me a while to find the time to listen to it without interruptions because that’s how I was told to listen to it. […]

2017 week six

Another damn week has gone by are you kidding me? Having two full days of classes, two work days, and one break day during the week makes the week go by so freaky fast. It’s Sunday before I’ve had a moment to just reflect on the week that has gone by. It’s definitely been a […]