What’s Wrong? Cinnamon’s Wake

What’s wrong with episode five?
  • Mr. Madina asking out Lorelai at a school function was probably not the best idea. Could you imagine if at that moment a student, parent, or another teacher heard their conversation? Bad news.
  • That intimidation thing that Dean did to Rory when she came into the market to..well…to stalk him was really uncool. Was it some kind of power play or am I probably just reading too much into it and it was just a weird interaction between the two of them?
  • Lorelai forgetting to call Max about the date was a bad move. When a character forgets something I always think it’s because they don’t actually want to do what ever it is that they forgot. Could we say that this was a foreshadowing element to Lorelai not wanting to marry Max later in the show (spoiler?)?
  • “I’m not gonna bother you anymore.”? Really? When I was younger I used to think that this banter between the two of them was really cute. Throughout the whole episode they’re really awkward and just dancing around the subject which I used to think was perfect. However, now that I’m older and I’m going through this weird phase of my life I’m really not up for this whole situation. I’d really prefer it if either Rory or Dean was upfront about his or her feelings. Watching this again makes me just want to grab them, sit them down, and make them either profess their interest or tell the other they’re not interested. Then again I don’t know if I could actually do that in real life so I don’t know if I have the right to say that they should do that…
  • WHY DIDN’T RORY TELL LORELAI ABOUT DEAN??! Come on Rory! You missed the perfect chance to tell Lorelai about what’s happening in your life, especially when she’s opening up about her personal life to you!

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