2017 Week Five

Another Week

I keep telling myself “Sanja you need to start a journal and write down stuff that happens to you!” and I always think about a journal as a pen to paper thing but hey this is technically a journal so Sanja get off my back.

This week was meh. I feel like I should write what happens each day instead of waiting until Sunday to get everything written out…eh whatever.

Monday..? I went to work and finished up the two huge projects I’ve been working on (YAY!) and now the pace at work has slowed back down which is nice but also a bit too slow. I kind of like running around at work, it feels like I’m doing a lot.

Tuesday was a full class day. I really like my philosophy class and I think that I’m taking it at the perfect time in my life. I’m really figuring out a lot about myself because of the class and wow am I’m not as great as I used to think that I am. I’m really trying to work on my thought process and the way that I look at things, I’m just happy that my thoughts never effect my work either personally or professionally.

I’m getting ahead on a lot of my classwork which is freaking awesome! I’ve written up a project proposal two weeks before the first draft is due and I’m getting a paper taken care of this week that’s also due in two weeks. I’m finding that studying German is getting easier, which is very weird to think about. I still do not think that my German is anything great but I’ve definitely progressed far more than I ever thought that I would. I’m extremely excited and nervous to test out my German when I go visit the country later this year.

Wednesday I baked a shit ton of stuff and made a new pasta sauce which was very nice. I did a lot of writing, homework, and housework. A real self-care Wednesday.

Thursday was another standard day of classes. My last class was canceled which was really nice though I can’t say it was great because my mind is still wandering to stupid thoughts when I’m not doing something. We had t.v. issues at home Thursday through Saturday and that was a lot of fun to deal with…I was on the phone for an hour with tech support and guess what they didn’t solve anything…

Friday was a work day and then I watched a bad movie with a friend. I tried to get my parents to start watching Santa Clarita Diet but it was too bloody for them. We ended up just finishing season two of Fuller House instead of watching more of the Santa Clarita Diet or watching Finding Dory (which was my other plan but it was too late to start it).

Saturday I went thrifting and I think that Goodwill changed their deal for the first Saturday sale? Wasn’t it every color was half off before and now it appears to be only half off on a certain color? Or I just had a cashier who didn’t know what she was doing…so I ended up spending too much at the first goodwill and didn’t get go to anymore. I bought a cute dress, jacket, and vase. I might do a post about them later this week. I watched the movie Gambit and Deadpool. Gambit really reminded me of a novel I’ve read before, Chasing Cezanne.

Today I did some laundry, took about an hour walk alone, did some baking, and looked over some homework that I have to get finished by Tuesday.

Here’s to another week.


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