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Do you ever find yourself relating to lyrics in the most intimate way possible? Do you then also find yourself in awe that the artist who created those words is far younger than you and you can’t understand how they already went through all those feelings by the time they’ve graduated high school? Then do you realize that it doesn’t even matter because he spoke words that you never thought you would be able to think yourself? Khalid holy shit how did you do it?

Just go check him out and listen to that damn beautiful voice.


This short doc, released late last week, shows a bit of Khalid’s background. I can’t say that it is a unique past because there are many individuals who have probably dealt with similar paths but it is refreshing to give the child of a military parent a bigger voice and to show more about the effects of a military childhood. It was a peek into the life of a young creative who is going to make and has made some awesome music. It’s a great jumping off point when trying to understand who Khalid is, I think every artist (no matter what kind of artist) should produce some type of short documentary that gives their audience a piece of their story.


I stumbled upon Location whenever I started listening to that Alternative R&B playlist on Spotify. It was one of those songs that I couldn’t bring myself to skip. His voice captured this raw emotion that felt so effortless and the song continuously felt like a new experience whenever it would come up on shuffle. It was the first Khalid song I had the pleasure of hearing.

Let’s go didn’t leave me in awe as much as his other songs but it made me feel happy. I guess it really fits into this anthem that I’m personally trying to create for myself this year and I feel empowered to do what I want as I’m listening to it…which means I should probably listen to it on repeat so I can get all my work done.

Saved. Holy shit. This song was added to the playlist pretty soon after it was released and it played for me for the first time on a drive back home from school. I think I had that strange out-of-body experience when I listened to it. I should probably stop listening to it because it brings up old feelings and I would stop but Khalid’s voice is so perfect that I can’t help but listen to it on repeat. I can’t say I feel sad while listening to it, instead it’s just an interesting way to think about the feelings I’m going through right now and I think it makes me happy to listen to it. Screw it, even if it made me feel like shit I’d listen to it because it’s such quality sound.

Shot down. This is the latest song that I’ve listened to by Khalid and it’s just such a great continuation to the songs that I’ve already mentioned. If you played the songs one right after the other, with no pauses, I feel like you wouldn’t feel any break between them but instead it would be a calm wave of ups and downs. There’s this perfect structure that Location, Saved, and Shot Down follow and it really works for him.

Even if you don’t enjoy this type of music, you’ve gotta applaud the guy for his amazing vocals. None of the songs listed above or the few others that you can find on his Soundcloud will disappoint in the vocals. Shot Down in particular has some beautiful vocals so if you don’t listen to any other song just give that one a listen.

*I don’t really know what I’m talking about when it comes to music, this is simply part of my journey to figuring out what I actually really like to listen to (aside from all the nostalgic tunes that I indulge in) and having a clear answer to someone when they ask me “what kind of music do you like”.


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