Attempt at Matcha Ice Cream

Matcha Ice Cream

I kept stumbling on interesting videos by Krist Soup and I really wanted to try making one of the recipes she does. I’m always looking for alternative recipes for ice cream because it’s one sweet that I can’t stay away from. I received some Matcha powder for Christmas so when I stumbled on this particular recipe I knew that I had to try making it!

I put 3 bananas into the freezer and had to wait until a day later to make the ice cream…which was really hard because I wanted to make it right at that moment but I had to wait for the bananas to get ready. I got home the next day, tired from school, but with a great desire to make this. I got all the ingredients out, put everything in a blender, blended it, and…


I fucked it up…

So…I didn’t rewatch the video or reread the blog post before putting everything together so I just assumed, with my sleepy brain, that I just threw everything into the blender and let it get to work. It wasn’t combining so I just decided to keep adding more coconut milk…then added more matcha (not a great idea)…and added more sweetener (agave syrup). It came out to a creamy consistency but after freezing it…well it was just a solid block of green stuff.

It tastes pretty okay but it’s super frozen and I have to wait quite a while before its actually soft enough to eat. A few days later I even had to put the container into a bowl of warm water to try to make it easier to get out. It was easier but still totally not ice cream. However, I think it’s safe to say that I’m not really a fan of matcha…if anyone has any ideas for other ways I can incorporate matcha into a recipe I’m all ears.

Freezing stuff is harder then baking a cake 😦

Don’t do what I did and follow what the recipes say…


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