What’s Wrong? Rory’s Birthday Parties

gilmore girls

This is actually one of my favorite episodes of Gilmore Girls and so it might be a little difficult for me to call out what might be wrong with the episode.

What’s wrong with episode six?
  • The invitations. I really wish that Emily had asked Rory before sending out invitations to her entire class for her birthday party. This episode felt like such a step forward with Lorelai and Emily bonding and Emily taking an interest in their lives but it was then a huge step back because of the secrecy surrounding the birthday party invitations and the fight that comes up because of it.
  • Tristan sucks. Nothing else needs to be said about this.
  • Emily shouldn’t have pushed Rory to make a speech at the party. While I understand it is probably proper etiquette, she should’ve seen how uncomfortable Rory was at that moment and taken it upon herself to say something. She should’ve been looking out for Rory instead of trying to thrust her in front of a crowd of strangers and kids from school.
  • How could Lorelai afford that laptop?
  • Why don’t Richard and Emily interact with the Stars Hollow crowd more at the party? It would’ve been nice if they talked to more of the people at the party.
  • Yoga really? Lorelai that’s very unbelievable.
  • Why did Rory have to sneak around with Dean?? I mean yes it is cute and romantic but it’s sad because she always shares everything with Lorelai and she isn’t sharing a new big addition to her life with her.

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