2017 week six

Another damn week has gone by are you kidding me? Having two full days of classes, two work days, and one break day during the week makes the week go by so freaky fast. It’s Sunday before I’ve had a moment to just reflect on the week that has gone by.

It’s definitely been a standard work and school week. I had my first German exam of the semester this week and damn did I fail that thing…wow I am so disappointed in myself. When we got the exam back to look over our mistakes I realized just how many careless mistakes I had made. I started panicking while taking the exam and pretty much blanked and just put stuff down on the paper…I really don’t understand it because I studied a lot for it but I just need to study more for the next one and beat it.

I scheduled two appointments for the next two months, the beautiful dentist and the lovely gynecologist (all sarcasm, all the time). I went to a coffee shop with a friend on Friday. We finished up a lot of work that we needed to do for our final project, I think I need to go out to do homework more often but then again I want to save money so I’d rather just stay at home.

I finished one book this week. The experience of reading it really brought me back to my “youth”. I got ready for bed and started reading at nine and stayed up until midnight finishing it because I couldn’t put it down. It was refreshing. I watched the second half of Twilight on Saturday…don’t judge me. I’ve finished that Santa Clarita Diet show on Netflix and it is so good! I ended up watching two really bad and gross horror movies that I’d really just like to forget about. I watched Magic Mike for the first time last night, I felt like a 40 year old single lady because I was watching the movie and drinking a glass of wine.

A lot of my professors have been changing up assignment schedules so I’ve been trying to keep that all straight this week. I interviewed a professor for a paper that I’m writing and I finished the first draft of the paper earlier today. One of the cutest things that happened this week was one of the photography professors saw me admiring the photo projects on the walls in the photography building and explained it to me and then showed me a new trick on my iPhone that I never knew about. We were both very awkward but it was really sweet, thank you nice professor it really lifted up my spirits.

I did my taxes today for the first time and it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I did a lot of my homework and planned out a lot of group meetings for this week to keep myself extra busy because I’m really going to need it.

The weather has been all over the place and it is making my head hurt a lot because of the constantly changing¬†temperatures. I really hope it will stop changing so much soon. This next week will be hell but it’ll all work out I hope,¬†especially because I have a small day trip planned next weekend! Even though I have that to look forward to I’m probably going to try to get out of the house on Wednesday because I haven’t really done anything outside of going to school/work and back home for the past week or so (aside from the coffee shop on Friday) and I think I really should.


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