Monday Review – Hamilton Soundtrack


I was lent the Hamilton Soundtrack and told that I should listen to it or else (okay that’s not true but it makes for a far more interesting introduction).

It really took me a while to find the time to listen to it without interruptions because that’s how I was told to listen to it. I listened to the first volume about 3 weeks before I had the chance to listen to the second one…oops.

The Experience

I don’t think I could ever actually just sit down and listen to audio without having my mind on something else or my hands busy doing something. I think I’d probably end up not really paying attention to the music if I did that. So I actually drove long distances while listening to the soundtrack. I drove to Nashville one day and popped the first CD into the CD player and let it go. When I reached the city I still had about 3 songs to listen to so I found that the music was on Spotify and put my headphones in and walked.

I walked around Nashville on a cold, overcast December day (I know this is such a late posting…) and that was the best moment I had while listening to the soundtrack. It was the most enjoyable way to listen to a soundtrack like Hamilton because I was doing something but it was something that didn’t need a lot of my attention so I could still listen to the music. Driving and listening was also a great choice for me but I’d definitely recommend walking while listening to the soundtrack for sure!

What Did I Think?

I wish I had listened to the entire soundtrack while walking around downtown. It probably would’ve helped me fall into the music more like other people did. Honestly speaking I did enjoy the soundtrack but I don’t think it made a huge impact on me. I think it would have been better if I could see the production and then fall in love with the music, doing it the other way around was a bit more difficult (I know that it is extremely hard to go see the musical!).

I like the idea of bringing a new fresh sound to tell a many many year old story. It is a really interesting way to get younger (and probably some older) individuals interested in America’s history. I wonder if many people became history majors after listening to this or if people have become more interested in what’s going on in history today because of it?

Maybe it’s because so many people love it that the hype might’ve lessened the impact on me a bit? I don’t know why that would be the reason but I’ve felt this happen with things before. It’s one of the reasons I don’t push my interests on others too much, I don’t want them to be underwhelmed. Also, I can’t really say I have that strong of an attachment to that period of history in America so maybe that played a part in my opinion on it. I will say that there were parts that made me cry, especially the end of the soundtrack “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story”, “It’s Quiet Uptown”, and “Helpless” (those are the ones I can remember off the top on my head).

I did enjoy the soundtrack while I was listening to it but I don’t think it is something that I will listen to again in its entirety, I might just listen to a song or two that I would like to hear again but nothing really draws me in to listen to it. If you haven’t listened to the soundtrack yet, you really should! It’s good to listen to at least once to understand what it is about and it totally did make me cry so I warn you that it could have the same effect on you.


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