Tunes: Dodie and Tessa

dodie and tessa

These two lovely ladies and their lovely voices are all I need in life right now. They make you so happy while you’re listening to their songs because you can feel that sincere happiness that they feel while they are singing. I find myself interested in their video content even though they aren’t making some crazy creative video (aside from their music videos of course and some cover videos), they are essentially just vloggers who do music…or are they musicians who make vlogs…? Hmm?


I started watching Dodie’s 2nd channel before I started listening to her music and it made me fall in love with the person that Dodie is before I went through the bliss that I felt while listening to the music that she has created. I feel like Dodie’s voice is effortless, in the sense that her singing seems to just come very naturally to her and that it is something she could do in her sleep, she does sing with her eyes closed in a lot of videos so maybe she is sleeping. Her voice is so soft and full of emotions that really hit you.

Also, this amazing woman can make any song her own, it’s fascinating to see how she changes a song into something completely different. Not only are her covers beautiful, she also drops original content every now and then on her YouTube account too and it never disappoints.


I’ve known about Tessa for quite some time through her friend Shawna and Shawna’s YouTube videos, but I never really just watched Tessa. However, recently I became interested in what she’s been up to and I’m so glad I did because her music and video content is exactly what I’ve been in need of recently. Her music is this perfect pop blend that has enough emotion sprinkled throughout but you can still dance around your room to it without being hit by unnecessary feelings.

Also, every single individual music video that she has made for her songs is so perfect that I actually go back and rewatch them regularly, which is a really big thing for me because I won’t rewatch just any ol’ music video. She did a recent cover that you should really check out because it sounds magical and it is so beautifully shot. You can load up a video of Tessa and feel like you’ve known her forever. Her voice in both her music and her video content is extremely inviting and makes you feel comfortable while watching her videos and listening to her music.


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