Oh Peaches

Too Faced – Sweet Peach Palette


I did a thing…a very bad thing but hey look I had a coupon so it needed to be done. (No it didn’t I’m just lying to myself.)

This isn’t any type of review post, it’s just an appreciation post to how pretty the Sweet Peach Palette is. I have never really treated myself to an expensive palette and since I got a coupon from Ulta I decided that this was the purchase I needed to make.


I love the container itself, it feels really sturdy and not cheap at all. It feels like you bought a fifty dollar palette for sure. The shadows are really buttery and I’m really excited to play around with them. I’m no make-up expert, instead I guess I can say that I just really appreciate the art of make-up.

I really love all of the pink shadows, I know people might not think that they’re very practical shadows but I think that you can really use them to enhance your look. I really like the type of eyelook that Steph, from thefashioncitizen, created. I’ve done a similar look with just one pink shadow and I think the pink shadows in the Sweet Peach Palette will help enhance that look immensely.

sweet peach

What’s your favorite eye shadow palette?

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