What’s Wrong? Kiss and Tell

gilmore girls

What’s wrong with episode 7?

  • Thank you! Rory, my girl, you needed to say more. Running away after poor Dean kisses you is harsh, he doesn’t know if you didn’t like the kiss, if you don’t like him, if you had to go to the restroom, or anything else that could be thought of after the person you’ve kissed runs away right after.
  • Shoplifting is bad. Don’t do it kids.
  • I wish Mrs. Kim didn’t get so angry about Rory coming in and telling Lane about getting kissed and then yelling at Lorelai about it too. Should it really be that big of a deal that she got kissed?
  • Okay I know that a current significant other (or whatever Dean and Rory are at this point) isn’t going to like the idea of her significant other having an ex-girlfriend but you don’t have to say you hate the poor girl. That’s really harsh especially since Dean and Beth had what seems to be a healthy break-up.
  • Taylor stop trying to get other people to do your dirty work and let Luke keep his restaurant free from Autumn decorations if he wants.
  • I hate that Lorelai danced around the subject of Rory and Dean’s kiss. I wish she would’ve just let Rory know that she went to see Mrs. Kim and they talked for a little. Maybe Rory would’ve noticed where she was going with it and told Lorelai about the kiss? I hate when the Gilmore Girls keep things from each other.
  • Does Rory really not see how much it hurt Lorelai that she didn’t tell her about the kiss. I wish this was addressed when Lorelai finally lets Rory know that she found out about the kiss and not at the end of the episode.
  • LORELAI NO! Don’t invite the guy over! No! Rory hasn’t even had a date with the poor guy.
  • The whole town is watching you. This is such an intense statement and seriously if I was Dean I would’ve ran out of that house.

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