Apparently I Play The Sims


I’m not really interested in playing video games. I get more pleasure watching someone else play a great game then me personally playing that great game. However, there’s one exception to my distaste of video games and that is the blessing that is The Sims.

Sims history

I probably began playing Sims while I was in middle school. I remember my first glimpse into the Sims world. We had a PlayStation 2 (I think?) and we had an original The Sims game for it. My sister and I would sit down in her room and play that game forever, it was really hard to play because cheat codes weren’t a thing that we knew and damn our sims were so needy.

After that, we started getting all of the sims 2 games for PC. I think we got our first one when we were in a shop up in Ohio and I begged my dad to get it for us (if it wasn’t for the original game then it was me begging for one of the expansion packs). I would play this damn game all the time. I ended up having all of the expansion packs and some extra stuff packs. Custom content wasn’t as big of a thing to me at that point but I do remember downloading some custom items. I also used to make things! I remember that there was some sort of custom content creation tool and I would make t-shirts that had my favorite characters or bands on them and then I would upload the items onto The Sims 2 Exchange (which doesn’t exist anymore but I’ve linked a photo of what it used to look like).

My sister and I split the cost of The Sims 3 game the day or week that it first came out. We loaded it up on my computer and it wasn’t great. The game was really slow and didn’t want to do a lot for us. We felt like we had wasted a lot of money but I persevered and got it to work (as best as I could). I played that game more then I’d like to admit…I’d stay up late at night playing this damn game. This was also the game that grew the community so much, which was made up of many creative people who made so much custom content and mods for the game. I downloaded a ton of custom items for my game (and I still do) and it made the game just so much better.

At some point in high school I created a sims tumblr (simblr) and I would put stories of my current family up there. It was such an inviting community but I came to a point where I didn’t feel like I could keep up with the amazing simblrs out there so I decided to delete that account. I wish that I hadn’t done that, because I also went on to delete all of the sims photos I had on my computer too (damn it impulsive Sanja).  One of my favorite simblrs was (and still is) plumb-barb, you should check her out because her sims are so cute.


I always wonder why this was the game that made the biggest impression on me and why I keep going back to it no matter what, but I really have no answer except that it makes me happy. No matter what made me feel bad in my life I could always load up the game (wait 30 minutes) and then play out a different life with my made-up characters. In general, I love creating stories and so  coming up with backstories and information for my characters was just another part of that love. I don’t think I’ll ever stop playing any type of sims game. I’ll stick to The Sims 3 for now but who knows maybe one day I’ll get The Sims 4 (first I’ll have to get an actual gaming PC I think…).

What is your favorite game to play?


  1. Kate Elizabeth Collins · · Reply

    I think I’ve played the Sims since I was 11 years old, I’m 24 now and I still love it so much. I don’t even come up with creative ideas, just make beautiful families and homes I’d want to live in again and again. It’s the only game I have played other than Sim City (which got boring for me) and I don’t think that’ll ever change x

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    1. It really is the best game ever!! 🙂 I think I’ll be playing it for many years to come too!

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