Monday Review – Paterson

What’s it about?

Paterson, named after both the bus drive and the city of Paterson, New Jersey, is an interesting, slow-paced film which depicts one week out of a bus driver’s life. Not only is Paterson a bus driver but he is also a poet, though he downplays his abilities throughout the film. His wife, who doesn’t really have a distinct goal in life, believes in his poetry and wishes that he would take his secret notebook and share it with the world.

What was my favorite part?

I really liked the amount of times that Paterson talked to someone that he didn’t know, such as the group of guys in the car that commented on his dog or the young poet. I find that these days most people will not talk to the people around them because they are scared of them or nervous to start a conversation (hi, yep that is me). It was refreshing to see him as a sort-of outgoing character that talked to people and tried to help people.

What did I think?

I went to watch this film with a friend who ended up really hating this film and while it wasn’t a favorite of mine I can’t really say that I hated it. It was a film experience that I haven’t had before but that I was okay with because of the media that I already consume on a daily basis, such as blogs and vlogs about essentially nothing amazing but just a little glimpse into another individual’s life. I’m an extremely avid vlog watcher and sometimes I find it strange that I watch other people making tea or folding laundry but they’re such calming and happy videos that I can’t get enough of them.*

Getting off topic so let me reel myself back in. Paterson wasn’t some amazing fast-paced film about someone that had something crazy happen to them and then they had to fight against evil and save the world. It was just about a guy who was in a relationship, who had a job, who walked his dog, who interacted with people a lot, who went to a bar, and who happened to write poetry about parts of his life on occasion.

Sure, there were kind of “intense” events that occurred but they were all things that could happen to you in your life. You might get into a fight at a bar or stop someone from doing something crazy or get mad at your dog for making a mess in your house.

I feel like I enjoyed this film because I’ve been trying to appreciate the mundane parts of life more often and the repetitiveness that comes with a normal life (however much I want to have some great adventures I know that for the most part I will have a pretty standard life). This is a film about the simplicity of life and the beauty that can be found in that simplicity. Give it a watch if that sounds like something you’d like.

*Send me links to your favorite vloggers pls!


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