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What’s Wrong? Double Date

What’s wrong with episode 12? Please no PDA. What is up with these people?! Todd should be so lucky to get a girl like her. I don’t like the way that Rory kind of manipulates the situation about setting up Todd and Lane. If Dean says he doesn’t think that it would be a good […]

Wandering Around Chicago

I didn’t really take a lot of shots while in Chicago, because I didn’t really want to experience that city through a lens. I’ll allow you to do some eye-rolling here. I do have a little bit of stuffs from the trip so I put it together and I wanted to share it with you. Everyone’s excited […]

Tunes – Pop Time

On my drive back home from my trip to Chicago, I got stuck in traffic when I was close to Nashville and I was starting to get pretty tired after the majority of my seven hour drive. I was in desperate need of something to keep me awake. So I tuned into the local pop station […]

Monday Review – Operator (2016)

What is it about? You have a happily married couple trying to attain their sought after life goals in the city of Chicago. When it feels like what they are chasing will never be reached a lot of great opportunities come around. However, alongside those opportunities comes change that while it might be right for […]

2017 Week Twelve

Monday/Thursday were normal work days. After work, I spent some time editing some project stuff that needed to get done on Monday. Tuesday/Thursday were also standard school days. Wednesday was a bit of a different day. I usually spend the day at home doing school work and getting blog stuff done but this week I had to […]

What’s Wrong? Paris is Burning

What’s wrong with episode 11? Part-time Max. I know Lorelai and Max have been sort-of dating for a bit now, but it hasn’t been shown since the snow episode and it is a bit uncomfortable. Not really the them dating part just the whole Rory and Max house interaction part. Ice skating. I wish Lorelai […]

The Bad Parts of Traveling Alone

I went for a short solo trip to Chicago and while there were many great aspects of traveling alone I did notice that there were some not so great parts. Even though I find some of these aspects bothersome I’m already excited to plan another solo trip somewhere soon. After the trip, I have decided that traveling […]

Monday Review – Beauty and the Beast (2017)

What is it all about? You already know this. Beautiful girl, big beast, anger, love, singing, dancing, villains, tea cups. Disney stuff. What did I think? The Film Beauty and the Beast was one of my favorite Disney movies/stories when I was younger. I (probably like many other girls) felt like I could really relate […]

2017 week eleven

It is getting to that point in the semester where I can’t remember what has happened in a week because it has been so busy. Monday. I went to work which was pretty standard. I had some great conversations about happiness and life with a co-worker and he really opened my eyes to what I’m […]

The Good Parts of Traveling Alone

I went on a small trip during my (last) spring break and I did it solo (gasp). I believe that there are definitely some really great parts about traveling alone and I thought I’d share a few of those perks! However, while there are good aspects of traveling alone there are also some not so […]