What’s Wrong? Rory’s Dance

gilmore girls

What’s wrong with episode 9?
  1. Rory just ask the poor guy! Chicken? (Do you think the mention of chicken was because Rory was being a chicken..?)
  2. Damn Tristan stop thinking that Rory is playing hard to get. How many times does she have to say that she’s not interested in you for you to get the picture?
  3. Emily coming in for a five minute interaction and then trying to impose all her views on everyone. Ma’m it isn’t your house.
  4. Exchanging a gift. You really shouldn’t exchange a gift, especially one from a close relative.
  5. No PDA!
  6. “I’ll kill you.” and “You’ll not come near her ever again.” Those statements are overly intense for a high school student to use. It didn’t make it seem that Dean was nice and protective, instead it made him look threatening and honestly scary (though the situation itself was also just a major cringe-fest.)
  7. They fell asleep?! Are you kidding me!
  8. Okay so the whole argument and everything about Rory staying out all night and if her and Dean slept together (they didn’t) is an interesting play of events. I understand why Lorelai gets angry with Rory staying out all night with a boy but the part that bugs me is the mention of the pill. The pill is a great method of contraception and if Rory and Dean were actually having sex it would be the best thing for them, heck even if they’re not having sex it might’ve been a really great thing for Rory to be on the pill. I wish that they had addressed the idea of the pill in a better light and had drawn more attention to it being a great method of being safe in a relationship. For a show that has a strong female cast, and strong female leads, it doesn’t really touch on some more intimate parts of a female’s life, such as the pill or possibly periods, in any way.

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