2017 Week Nine

I AM IN CHICAGO and I’m very tired right now.

This past week was not one of my favorites. I’m trying very hard in school and I’m doing great on my assignments and projects but damn I am not doing too well on any exams that I’m taking. I study my butt off and then when I have to take the exam I freeze up and forget really simple things, this usually doesn’t happen so I’m really unsure of what to do to fix it.

Life in general has been pretty normal this week, I find that I am a bit more tired than normal right now. Saturday was a good day, I did a little bit of hike with the parents.

Sunday is where my life got interesting! I woke up at five this morning, packed up my car, and drove to freaking Chicago. I drove for about eight hours which wasn’t that bad, it only got bad towards the last two hours because I needed some coffee.

I drove past a huge wind farm, I listened to Khalid’s album on repeat the entire time (too much? nah…), and I only cried like three times. I freaked out about the cool bridge you take to get into Chicago and I spent about twenty minutes just driving down like four streets “to get acquainted”….didn’t really help.

After checking into my hotel, I went out walking in a park and ate a huge omelet in this restaurant that I saw across the street. I went into the smallest Target that I think has ever been made because I wanted to grab some snack bars for breakfast for the next few days.

I don’t want to say anymore because I’m going to be making more in-depth posts about Chicago but for right now all I can say is that I am amazed at how huge this place is and if I see just .001% of the place I will be extremely happy.

Let me know if there is anything that I must see while I’m here (aside from the museums and parks because I have that covered)!


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