2017 week ten

Well, it has been a while. You are all looking well. I hope you’ve enjoyed some time off like I did. It is now time to get back into the swing of things!

Here we go!

This past week was the always exciting week of spring break. My last spring break ever. Forever and ever. I knew that I had to go and do something so I packed up my car and made my way to Chicago (if you read last week’s post then you already know this!). I was in that beautiful city until Thursday and then I packed my stuff up and headed back down home.

I won’t go into a lot of details about the trip, since I’m dedicating a lot of posts over the next few weeks to what I did!

I will say that I walked a lot, ate a lot, saw a lot, and feel in love a lot.

I spent my Friday cleaning and being lazy because I was extremely tired from my drive the day before. I was also battling with my period enemy and she was not happy all day.

Saturday I went out looking for a dresser because I need to do some reorganizing in my room but I couldn’t find one. I’ve been searching through craigslist but haven’t found one that I’ve fallen in love with yet. I’m up for painting it so if I can just find one that looks similar to the structure and size that I want then I will be happy.

Sunday has been a very slow day. That whole daylight savings thing messed me up a little bit. I got one paper fixed up, fixed up a bit of my resume, and made some business card designs. I still have one paper to fix up but I think I might just put it off until tomorrow (I have to procrastinate just a tiny bit).

I know I missed my Gilmore Girls post this week but I was really too busy to think about even watching Gilmore Girls (never thought I would say that).

It was a pretty great week and while I’m not really excited to get back to work/school I guess I’m ready for it.

Let’s do this!


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