What’s Wrong? Forgiveness and Stuff

What’s wrong with episode 10?

  1. The gifts. It is really hard to give a gift to someone but I don’t like Lane’s way of saying you should find out what your significant other is getting you and then plan your gift for them around their gift for you. The fun in gift giving is the surprise and the hope that the other person knows you well enough to give you a gift that you would be happy about. I think Rory’s gift was perfect.
  2. Phone call with Emily. Emily just simply uninviting Lorelai to the Christmas dinner is really harsh. I know that you had an argument but come on Christmas is the time for being together not being bitter.
  3. Emily please listen. I wish that Emily had listened to Rory when she was trying to apologize for the night where she and Dean stayed out all night. Screw manners just hear what your granddaughter has to say. Aren’t you trying to build that thing called a relationship with her?
  4. Salad? You’re kidding Lorelai this is a joke right?
  5. The nurse who did her job. Damn Emily I understand being scared about Richard but you have to treat the nurses with more respect they are there to help you and to get everything done as quickly as possible.

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