2017 week eleven

It is getting to that point in the semester where I can’t remember what has happened in a week because it has been so busy.

Monday. I went to work which was pretty standard. I had some great conversations about happiness and life with a co-worker and he really opened my eyes to what I’m doing and how kind of self-destructive it is. I went to the dentist and people I wasn’t nervous. I haven’t been not nervous to go to the dentist in many many many MANY years. There have been times where I have worked myself up to a panic attack or to stomach pain because of how nervous I was about going in for an appointment. I wasn’t nervous at all this time. I hope this continues.

Tuesday. A regular day of classes and lots of work work work.

Wednesday. An unnecessary over-reaction day. I felt that I was so behind in a class but actually I am right on schedule and need to cut myself a break because I panicked about an assignment all day that I didn’t get to enjoy my day off from classes at all. Alongside all the panic and the project I had a lot of extra homework to do too.

Thursday. Another regular day of classes with a lot of work to do.

Friday. Went to work and then went in search of dog food. Spent the night watching a movie with my parents.

Saturday. Didn’t really end up doing a lot. Watched three movies (all of which I’ll be doing reviews on so be on the look out). Went for a walk with my parents. Hung out with my mom. Also, have been on the hunt for a dresser/chest of drawers but haven’t found any good ones yet.

Sunday. Cooked a little. Had to wait for a program to update for 100 years before I could actually get any of my work done. Wrote a lot of blog posts. It is cold in my room so editing and typing has been hard cause my hands get really cold.


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