Monday Review – Beauty and the Beast (2017)

What is it all about?

You already know this. Beautiful girl, big beast, anger, love, singing, dancing, villains, tea cups. Disney stuff.

What did I think?
The Film

Beauty and the Beast was one of my favorite Disney movies/stories when I was younger. I (probably like many other girls) felt like I could really relate to Belle because of her desires to see more than what her village had to offer and I was a bookworm so it was nice to see a main character who liked to read.

Since it was my favorite Disney princess story, I was really hesitant when I saw that there was going to be a live-action remake. I feel very meh about the whole wave of live-action remakes of older animated films, but I still wanted to give it a chance. However, I didn’t feel up to watching it again once I learned that Emma Watson was going to be Belle. I didn’t think she was a good fit for the role because I didn’t think she would sing well enough, I didn’t think that she would carry herself in the way that I thought Belle would, and honestly I just couldn’t see her as Belle. I really thought that casting a more up-and-coming actress would’ve been a better idea.

I wanted to look beyond my weariness about the casting and watch the film because I still really enjoyed the story of Beauty and the Beast. I can say that I didn’t feel that Emma Watson overshadowed the other characters. It felt almost as if she took a backseat and let the other characters shine and shine they did.

Lumiere was perfect. LeFou was hilarious. Gaston was horrendous. Chip was adorable. Mrs. Potts was lovely. Plumette was gorgeous. Etc, etc, etc.

I really also loved the facial expressions of the Beast! The library scene was perfect. I think some of my favorite scenes where any interactions between Belle and the Beast. I really liked the part where the Beast asks Belle to have dinner with her, I felt that Dan Steven’s Beast was great but there was a little left to be desired from Emma’s Belle.

The Music

I loved the songs. Every one of them brought tears to my eyes. Seriously. I cried a lot. Every song made me feel happy and full of emotions. Be Our Guest was amazing! I loved that entire performance, especially the little nod to France’s often used guillotine. Something There was beautiful. Emma Thompson’s Beauty and the Beast made me cry the most and I think it was probably my favorite song from the film. I really forgot just how much I loved all of the songs in the original film, and the new versions were just as lovely as the ones in the animated version.

However, I did think that they messed with Emma’s voice a bit more than I would’ve liked (that might just be my opinion).

Final Thoughts

Overall the film wasn’t too bad! I’d say that if you liked the animated version you’ll probably enjoy this version to a certain extent as well. It made you create a bond with the characters and you will be sitting on the edge of your seat enveloped with excitement to see just how they would create the next scene.

I am honestly incredible amazed at how animators created this film, or better yet just how animators create any film because they are so freaking talented. I am always left in awe after watching a film like this and I honestly don’t think I can explain the amazement that I feel after seeing these great works of art that have been created. Thank you to all the animators everywhere who make these amazing characters and places come to life.


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